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 Plate OF Honor Guide

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PostSubject: Plate OF Honor Guide   Plate OF Honor Guide I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2008 2:09 am

Plate of Honour

Plates of honour are quest items that are dropped by mobs in forgotten ruin (especially fire beetle, giant scorpion and stone beetle and allow you to accept a quest from the
Officer in Port Lux. This quest will give you the opportunity to earn a large amount of additional honour.
The amount of honour you can earn depends on the quest you get from him, which is related with the current rank of honour you are in when you activate the quest.
Honour Quests

Depending on which honour level you have, the Officer will give you other quests when you hand him over a Plate of Honour. Each quest has its own reward. The higher the quest level, the harder it is to complete, the more honour you gain from it.

* Level 2 Honour Quest: (2k Honour) 15 Books taken from Death Soldier in Undead Ground.
* Level 3 Honour Quest: (4k Honour) 20 Books taken from Death Giant in Undead Ground.
* Level 4 Honour Quest: (7k Honour) 25 Books taken from Wraith in Undead Ground.
* Level 5 Honour Quest: (11k Honour) 30 Books taken from Ogre in Lake in Dusk.
* Level 6 Honour Quest: (17K Honour) 35 Books Taken from Minotaurus in Lake in Dusk.
* Level 7 Honour Quest: (27k Honour) 40 Books taken from Invader Mechazard in Ruina Station.
* Level 8 Honour Quest: (42k Honour) 45 Books taken from Invader Auto Cannon-ex in Ruina Station.
* Level 9 Honour Quest: (62k Honour) 50 Books taken from Flesh Golem in Tower of the Death.

Honour Ranks

Once you gain a certain amount of honour, you gain a honour class. The higher the class, the more advantages you will get in the game. You can use better jewelery or buy certain items at NPC you couldn't do before.

* Class 1: 10.000 Honour
* Class 2: 20.000 Honour
* Class 3: 40.000 Honour
* Class 4: 80.000 Honour
* Class 5: 160.000 Honour
* Class 6: 320.000 Honour
* Class 7: 640.000 Honour
* Class 8: 1.280.000 Honour
* Class 9: 2.560.000 Honour
* Class 10: 5.120.000 Honour
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Plate OF Honor Guide
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